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6 Tips to Use to Properly Prepare for Your First Fishing Charter

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A fishing charter can be a great way for people to connect with the great outdoors and try something that they have never tried before. Before you embark on your fishing trip, you will want to make sure that you are properly prepared for your trip. The following guide provides you with a few tips to follow to ensure that you are able to properly prepare for your first fishing charter.

Determine What Is and What Is Not Included in the Charter

There are some fishing charters that include everything you could need to catch numerous fish. Some fishing charters do not include poles or bait. You have to pay to rent the poles separately or supply your own. If you have never fished before, purchasing the poles can be an expensive purchase to make. It is best to rent them or choose a charter that includes everything you need.

Apply Plenty of Sunblock

When you are out on the open water, the sun will be shining down on you and bouncing off of the water. Applying ample sunblock before you get on the boat and while you are out in the water will decrease your chances of getting sunburnt.
On many fishing charters, there are covered areas that you can sit under when you need to get out of the sun for a few minutes. It is best to take a
break from the sun from time to time when fishing.

Bring Sunglasses With You

When you are out on the water, the bright rays of the sun can seem even more intense as they bounce off of the water. Wearing polarized sunglasses allows you to protect your eyes from the sun and will make it easier for you to see into the water.

Prepare for Seasickness

Being out on the open sea in a boat can often lead to seasickness. There are many different seasickness treatments that you can use to eliminate the seasickness that you may feel. If you have never been on a boat before, you may want to see your doctor to get a prescription-strength treatment to ensure that you are able to enjoy your trip no matter how choppy the water is.
The prescription-strength treatments often help to regulate your equilibrium so that you do not feel as seasick. Ask for a patch that can be placed behind your ear during the entire trip so that you do not have to worry about consistently taking pills to treat the seasickness.

Bring Large Coolers on Your Trip

Some fishing charters are catch-and-release, and some allow you to keep the fish that you catch. If you want to keep the fish that you catch, you will need to bring ample coolers with you to haul the fish home in.
Although the fishing charter may provide you with coolers that you can store the fish in while you are still on the boat, you will need to have your own coolers to store the fish in while you transport them from the boat to your home.

Wear Protective Shoes

It is best to wear shoes that cover your entire foot while you are on the charter. Hooks can fall to the ground and stepping on one or having one catch on your toe in a pair of sandals could lead to a very painful experience. 

Book a fishing charter with Carolina Princess. The guides will be able to provide you with a great experience and help you get the most fish that you possibly can. Trips are available year-round, so take the time to consider what fish you want to catch and book a trip during the time of year that those fish are in the area.​

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