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How Fishing Is Therapeutic for the Disabled

The health benefits of fishing are widely touted. The sport enables socialization with friends and family, it encourages physical activity and gets people out into the fresh air and sunshine. Fishing is also a relaxing sport that takes the participant to some of the most beautiful and serene spots in the country. 
Some experts now recommend this sport to the disabled as a form of therapy. The benefits listed above are part of why it helps, but there are many other reasons that this sport could be a successful method of gaining more independence and confidence. 
Teaches Real World Lessons
Therapists use a lot of techniques and games to help their patients to regain or learn new motor skills. Fishing is a real-life way for these people to put many of their lessons to use. Hand-eye coordination is practiced when casting a line or reeling in a fish. More advanced tasks like baiting a hook are useful for anyone who is ready to improve their fine motor skills. 
Helps Improve Important Habits
Anyone that has ever spent time holding a rod and reel understands the value of patience. Few sports require people to sit, wait, and pay attention as is needed for fishing. That patience eventually becomes relaxation as the wait for a nibble takes on an almost meditative feel. 
Learning how to relax and be patient while waiting for success is important for everyone. Those with a disability may benefit from the skill even more. Patience is often required for people to relearn skills they may have lost or to develop new abilities so they can gain their independence. 
Additional skills are also learned through the participation in fishing and other sports. The individual must pay attention and have self-discipline. Improvement in organizational skills through the care of fishing gear and planning trips is even possible with the active participation in the hobby.
Enables Everyone to Participate
Too often someone with a disability may be only a spectator to events. Fishing is a sport that is suitable for nearly anyone. It does not have an age minimum or maximum or require the person to have a certain level of athletic ability to begin. Being able to join in with family and friends helps to increase relationships bonds and is a mood booster. 
Participating also leads to achievement. The person can feel pride for taking part in the sport and learning a new skill and even more pride when they reel in their first catch. Every goal met along the way is an encouragement to try other new things or to set more advanced goals. 
Helps Expand Their World
Nature and fishing programs and specially designed camps for the disabled are more common today than ever before. The fear of not finding access does not need to hold anyone back from trying out the sport of fishing. State and national parks offer accessible trails and many states are also increasing accessibility in other areas, including public piers. 
Discounts on fishing licenses also help to make it easier for everyone to try out the sport. In North Carolina, partially disabled vets and fully disabled civilians that are residents of the state can purchase a lifetime fishing license for the same fee as a one-year resident license.
At Carolina Princess, we do not want anyone to be left out of a great adventure. Our boats are wheelchair accessible and all passengers have access to the cabin and bottom deck. Everyone should be included in family trips or when friends are planning a long weekend. Contact us to learn more about our trips or visit the website or call to schedule an excursion.  

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